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Neighborhood & Community Services

Information Clerk III

Pay Rate:

Pay Frequency:

$39,000 - $58,500


Join our dynamic team and become an integral member of our department. In this role, you are at the heart of our operations, responsible for maintaining organized files, compiling information, and ensuring its shared seamlessly. While the core of your work revolves around essential clerical tasks, you also have the chance to take on more challenging and impactful responsibilities. Your role includes engaging with the public, where you'll interact with the public. Join us today to make a substantial impact and help shape a brighter future for our city.


Neighborhood & Community Services

Job Type:



Albany, NY


*These are the minimum qualifications necessary by law to be considered for this position. If you do not have the needed experience or equivalent experience required for this role, kindly consider applying for another position with us.

  • Good knowledge of the City of Albany, its departments and structure, and their relationship with County and State Agencies;

  • Good knowledge of personal computers; and office equipment;

  • Working knowledge of English, spelling and arithmetic; 

  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions; 

  • Ability to clearly express ideas both orally and in writing;

  • Ability to complete multiple tasks under time constraints imposed by the nature of the job;

  • Ability to use communications and telephone equipment;

  • Ability to deal calmly and effectively with co-workers and the public;

  • Good judgement in dealing with co-workers and the public

  • Clerical aptitude and mental alertness;

  • Physical condition commensurate with the requirements of the position.

Minimum Acceptable Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or a high school equivalency diploma and two (2) years experience working with the public. 

Note: Position may require ability to work Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays; and able to work shift assignments during the day, evening and nights.

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