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Community Aide

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The Albany Police Department is looking for a Community Aide to assist city management operations.

The Community Aide acts as a liaison between city residents and service providers, facilitating ties and communications between the community and support service providers. In this capacity, the role involves, among others, preparing incident-reports to department personnel, making referrals to appropriate agencies, providing incident logs, and assisting in communicating available assistance to residents.

Moreover, the community aid may take on additional responsibilities, such as assisting in inter-agency coordination and communication, handling telephone inquiries regarding area events, as well as various clerical tasks.



Job Type:


Full Time

Albany, NY

Residency Required Within 180 Days of Hire:



*These are the minimum qualifications necessary by law to be considered for this position. If you do not have the needed experience or equivalent experience required for this role, kindly consider applying for another position with us.

  • Two years of experience in public contact work

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrated experience working with public service providers

  • Demonstrated experience in community outreach and/ or public relations

  • Valid Driver's License

  • May require work during the weekends and/or holidays; may entail shift assignments during the day, evening, or night

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