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Water & Water Supply

Licensed Wastewater System Operator

Pay Rate:

Pay Frequency:

$69,300 - $104,000


Play a pivotal role in protecting our environment and public health by managing the operations and upkeep of our cutting-edge satellite wastewater treatment facilities. Your responsibilities will include overseeing screening, grit removal, disinfection, and pumping processes within our combined sewer systems to ensure uninterrupted service. Reporting to the Commissioner of Water & Water Supply or other senior staff, you'll be instrumental in maintaining our infrastructure. Join our team and help create a lasting influence on the environment and our community. Apply today!


Water & Water Supply

Job Type:


Full Time

Albany, NY

Residency Required Within 180 Days of Hire:



*These are the minimum qualifications necessary by law to be considered for this position. If you do not have the needed experience or equivalent experience required for this role, kindly consider applying for another position with us.

Possession of a Grade II (or higher) Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s Certification* issued under the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law plus two (2) years paid  full-time or its part-time equivalent experience in a supervisory or lead supervisory capacity in the operation and maintenance of a water pollution control facility or a wastewater treatment plant. 

*Copy of Certification must be submitted with application. 


  • A valid NYS Driver’s License is required at the time of appointment and for the duration of employment.  

  • Must obtain a Grade III Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s Certification issued under the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law within 36 months of appointment 

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