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Crime Analyst

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The Albany Police Department is seeking a passionate and driven Crime Analyst to join our team. In this role, you will collect, analyze, and interpret statistical data on criminal activity and offenders. Your insights will support law enforcement and guide strategic decisions. If you have a strong understanding of the criminal justice system, a passion for data analysis, and a desire to enhance public safety, we want you!


  • Collect, organize, and analyze statistical data on criminal activity and offenders.

  • Convert raw data into valuable criminal intelligence and present it effectively.

  • Gather, store, and disseminate relevant information on public safety.

  • Process and maintain information on investigations and arrests.

  • Assist in producing reports and agendas.

  • Attend meetings and training related to criminal analysis and intelligence gathering.

  • Develop target profile analyses for career criminals and identify trends.

  • Monitor changes and trends in drug trafficking and related crimes.

  • Create crime-related maps and perform spatial analysis using GIS.

  • Conduct association link analysis and utilize various techniques.

  • Enter and retrieve information from automated systems.

  • Perform related tasks as required.



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Full Time

Albany, NY


*These are the minimum qualifications necessary by law to be considered for this position. If you do not have the needed experience or equivalent experience required for this role, kindly consider applying for another position with us.

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Sociology, or a related field.

  • OR Associate's degree in Criminal Justice or a related field, along with three years of relevant experience.

  • Strong understanding of the criminal justice system and criminal behavior.

  • Proficient in statistical analysis, research procedures, and crime analysis techniques.

  • Familiarity with tactical, operational, and resource allocation analysis.

  • Computer proficiency, including office software and GIS mapping.

  • Ability to interpret crime statistics and evaluate data using qualitative and quantitative techniques.

  • Experience in demographic analysis.

  • Strong analytical and organizational skills.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Ability to establish cooperative relations with various stakeholders.

  • Physically capable of meeting the demands of the position.

Join our team and make a difference in our community's safety. Apply now to become a Crime Analyst at the Albany Police Department!

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